Secret Heart – the adventure…

This Thursday’s Valentine’s Day Supper Club, Secret Heart, is by far the most extravagant, outrageous and perverse culinary activity I’ve ever undertaken. I have been fantasizing about this meal for weeks, obsessively researching exotic ingredients and obscure recipes. Some of the highlights include:

  • infusing my own secret “Love Potion”, a spicy, fragrant oil as a garnish for the oyster bar by award-winning mothershucker Sue Littleton, with a choice mix of West and East Coast oysters
  • the delicate flowery notes of unfiltered milk sake
  • snagging the last 3 jars of peppery nasturtium-bud capers from local herbalists Sage Rising
  • the maddening, city-wide hunt for duck hearts
  • finding fresh Jamaican nutmegs, still cloaked in their lacy skeins of mace
  • 12 lbs of veal bones being reduced into the port-spiked demi-glace for dunking
  • Marc Eber’s wild foraged mushrooms, including a rare fresh spring truffle
  • the still-living, piquant sprouted salad and micro greens from Kind Earth Organics
  • buying huge blocks of high-end Callebaut 70% cacao couverture chocolate
  • convincing the maker of Toronto’s most sought-after French macarons to make me a special, private batch
  • butchering black chickens and discovering that even their bones are black
  • geeking out with Brad K over the myriad plating details and tasting notes

This is going to be a unique, memorable and potently charged dining experience.


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