Amazing Newcomer Kitchen video by Suresh Doss

Recently #Toronto’s @thedepanneur hosted another popup #food event where a group of newly landed #Syrian moms cooked up a delicious dinner menu. There are many Syrian refugee families in Toronto, still in hotels awaiting relocation with no access to kitchens to prepare meals. Depanneur’s @newcomerkitchen project aims to provide kitchen space and the necessary tools for these families, so they can cook food for their themselves and their families. The recent popup was a public one where guests were able to purchase meals online and pick them up at the Dep. It was an incredible experience hanging out these lovely ladies and tasting their food. The plan is to make it a weekly popup, so follow Dep for more info and please go and support our new neighbours. Food brings people together, while the rest of the world contemplates segregation and new borders, in this town we build bridges and forge new relationships. Go #Canada.

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