The Depanneur

The Dep is so much more than just a cafe, grocery stop, and sometimes restaurant. It’s also an inspiration and reminder to gather with loved ones, congregate with kindred spirited strangers, and let someone else do the cooking at least once in a while…


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  1. Justin Young
    Justin Young says:

    In Quebec, dépanneurs (‘deps’) used to be the only non-state stores in the province to sell beer and other alcoholic beverages , a situation which lasted until the 1990s. Supermarkets were forbidden to sell alcohol other than beer, to eliminate competition with the state monopoly Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ). A small selection of cheap wines available at the corner shop were, and in some cases still are, sarcastically referred to as ” Cuvée dépanneur,” or “Château Dépanneur.” A change in licensing laws (as well as an overhaul of the SAQ) introduced an expanded selection of wines to both depanneurs and grocery stores, although the SAQ retains control over the majority of quality wines, spirits and hard liquor . In 2007, a limited number of vodkas became available in grocery stores, but not dépanneurs.

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