Newcomer Kitchen Brunch at Butler’s Pantry — SUN Nov. 20


We invite you to join Newcomer Kitchen at Butler’s Pantry for Toronto’s first authentic Syrian brunch!

This is the first official public NK spin-off project, in a trial-run, limited seating engagement. Come enjoy a lavish spread of traditional Syrian home cooking prepared by the talented cooks of Newcomer Kitchen.

Prix fixe menu — sold in pairs of 2 — $30 per person
3 seatings — 11am, 12 & 1 pm — Tickets must be purchased in advance


Bottomless tea!

MEZE (all included, for sharing for 2 people)

Khabaz Saj
Warm flatbread prepared on the domed sag oven
With za’atar and olive oil for dipping

Homemade yogurt cheese balls cured in olive oil and seasoned nigella and sesame seed

Kebbeh Bel Sayniyeh
Baked bulgur dough stuffed with walnuts, potatoes, onions, tomato and pomegranate

Baba Ganouj
Smoky eggplant dip with tahini, pomegranate molasses, walnuts and pomegranate seeds

Salatet Na’ameh
Fresh salad of finely chopped tomato, cucumber & onion with lemon, olive oil and mint.

Mukhallat & Atun
Pickled turnips and wild cucumbers; sun-dried black olives spiced with herbs, lemon and Aleppo pepper

Selection of fresh vegetables to accompany the meal

MAINS (choice of one)

The Syrian version of the classic Middle Eastern shakshouka; sunny eggs cooked in a rich, chunky tomato sauce with garlic and olive oil.

Fattet Maqdoos
Crispy pita bread, topped with baked eggplant, yogurt- tahini sauce, caramelized onions, pine nuts & parsley. Vegetarian -or- with awarma (confit halal beef)

Beid bel Toum
Syrian hash! Eggs scrambled with potato and whole confit garlic cloves, garnished with pine nuts and herbs.
Vegetarian -or- with awarma (confit halal beef)

Salatet Sabaneh
Wilted spinach tossed with a warm sautée of chickpeas, mushrooms and onions, garnished with lemon & olive oil
Vegan -or- topped with an olive-oil fried egg.


Figs stuffed with walnuts & dates stuffed with almonds, with grape molasses and tahini for dipping.

Semolina and yogurt cake, topped with an almond and infused with orange blossom syrup

Buttery pistachio and sesame cookie

Beverages available a la carte | Gratuity not included

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Newcomer Kitchen invites Syrian newcomer women to share their remarkable cooking skills through collaborations with local restaurants.

Butler’s Pantry has become a Toronto institution, serving international comfort foods since 1985.