Healthy Local Food and Alex Mazer

Len Alex Mazer

“FoodShare and other Ward 18 food leaders such as Community Food Centres Canada, the Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market, and The Depanneur have shown the exciting potential of good, healthy food, urban agriculture, and food entrepreneurship. It is a way to improve the health and sustainability of our ward, to encourage new local jobs and economic activity and to bring our community together.” — Alex Mazer, Ward 18 Candidate for Toronto City Council 2014

Video: Alex outlines why Ward 18 Matters and mentions the Dep

Why The Dep?


Hosting a pop-up is too expensive
Having to set up all the infrastructure for a pop-up from scratch: venue, kitchen, dining room, promotion, tickets, staffing, etc. is incredibly time/resource intensive. This limits who gets to cook/host.

Attending a pop-up is too expensive
The high setup costs drive up the ticket price; this limits who gets to attend.

Pop up culture lacks diversity
As a result, there ends up being a strong bias toward the same kind of people (e.g. privileged white guys) doing the majority of the cooking/eating and defining the aesthetic/ethos of pop-up culture. Read more

The Depanneur Kitchen Rental

dep interior

The Dep rents out its kitchen by the hour to people who need inspected, commercial kitchen space to prepare their food; it is available on weekdays.
(Note: on Mondays and Fridays, the kitchen is only available up to 3pm). Read more

Field Sparrow Farms Winter Vegetable Box Program

winter CSA

Field Sparrow Farms has taken on the vegetable delivery service that was formerly provided by Kawartha CSA. They are offering a winter veggie box subscription that will run every other week from January 16  to May 22. The subscription will include 10 deliveries of 20 lb. boxes of healthy, naturally-raised vegetables sourced primarily from the Amish community in the Kawartha Lakes region. Read more

Thursday Night Student Talent Showcase

On Thursday nights, The Depanneur hosts a Drop-In Dinner aimed at showcasing the talents of culinary students. If you are a student, and are interested in participating, contact Len at The Dep and we will look at scheduling you in.

How does it work? Read more

Happy Anniversary to The Depanneur

Happy Anniversary to The

I first became acquainted with The Depanneur (or ‘The Dep’ as it has become to be known) this past winter when my husband and I signed up to become a member of The Rusholme Park Supper Club (Family Style dinner parties hosted by a rotating cast of chefs) and joined them for an evening with…

The Depanneur

The Dep is so much more than just a cafe, grocery stop, and sometimes restaurant. It’s also an inspiration and reminder to gather with loved ones, congregate with kindred spirited strangers, and let someone else do the cooking at least once in a while…


Brunch at The Depanneur: The Morning After | Toronto Star

Brunch at The Depanneur: The Morning After

By MARY LUZ MEJIA | Wed., March 14, 2012 | Toronto Star

On the Menu: A small menu of egg-based breakfast palate-pleasers including a breakfast sandwich comprised of an organic egg frittata served with a flavoured mayo on St. John’s raisin bread or sourdough. The husband opts for the Piperade Omelette with onions, red and green peppers, thyme, garlic and prosciutto. The cook du jour, a rosy-cheeked blonde gal named Ginger Dean whips up a mean omelette – fluffy and cooking school-perfect that envelopes a delicious ratatouille like blend. Served with lightly dressed greens, we ask for a side of sourdough toast to round it off ($12 for omelette and $3 for hot buttered toast).

While delicious, I hone in on the fried egg, cheddar and cilantro “chutney” Breakfast Burrito served with curry-laced home fries and a tasty little mound of lightly-dressed greens. Bright, green and as fresh as a spring day, the cilantro chutney, that more closely resembles a pesto to me, really makes this dish. An avowed cilantro hater, the husband tastes one bite after seeing the expression on my face and declares, “It’s good, and I can taste why you like it, even if it’s made with cilantro.” Those, my friends, are big kudos coming from the man who tries to avoid the herbaceous green whenever possible. Since we miss out on the delectable looking donuts – they sold the last one just as we got there – we unintentionally watch the lucky soul who snagged it devour it in four bites. Same for the cinnamon buns, whose buttery sweet aroma lingers while we dine. Savvy brunchers, be there no later than 11 a.m. or you’ll miss these weekend-only treats too!