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January 30, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

- $5 – $25

[lamb] Shorbat Silq Bis Adas شوربة سلق بعدس
Lentils have been an essential part of the Levantine winter pantry (mouneh) since biblical times; indeed, Esau allegedly forfeited his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of lentil soup – one possibly not all that different than the one we are making tonight. This hearty soup is a whole, warming meal; lentils and chard, cooked with onions, garlic and cilantro, fortified with small cubes of halal lamb (suqaar) and brought to life with a generous splash of lemon.
This soup is also delicious (and #vegan & #GF) when made with added potatoes and vegetable stock.
The soups come with Kuboz El Samun bel Toum (خبز السمون بالثوم): garlic bread with butter, lemon, parsley, and black pepper.
Yalanji بالنجي
Stuffed grape vine leaves can be found on tables all around the Eastern Mediterranean. This Syrian recipe features a seasoned rice and tomato filling flecked with green pepper. The are cooked in a tangy sauce of tomato, lemon, pomegranate and olive oil.
Mushabak مشبك
A traditional delicious dessert in all over the Middle East, Mushabak is a spiral shaped fritter that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The dough is made with flour, semolina, yogurt, milk, vanilla and cornstarch to give it extra crunch. It’s decoratively piped into a spiral before being deep fried and then soaked in a lemon, orange-blossom water and sugar syrup, and decorated with pistachio crumbs.
$25 +HST

Newcomer Kitchen’s weekly pop-up take place on WEDNESDAYS

This week’s meals are available for pickup from CSI Annex

720 Bathurst Street (between Bloor & Harbord) between 6–7pm
Free 3km Delivery
foodora sponsors FREE Delivery within 3km radius.
(approx. Symmington to Sherbourne, St. Clair to Lakeshore)
Flat Rate 6km Delivery
If you live outside the 3km free delivery zone, foodora can deliver for $10 within a 6km radius
(approx. Runnymede to Jones, Glencairn to Lakeshore).
Pickups & deliveries take place between 6–7pm
Orders placed after 4pm on Wednesday can be for pickup only

Newcomer Kitchen is a new project that invites groups of Syrian newcomer women to use our kitchen to cook traditional Syrian dishes in a fun, social setting. Meals are prepared and packaged, and then sold online for pickup or delivery to pay for all the ingredients and provide a source of revenue for the cooks.
We also offer “Guest Cook” spots on Wednesdays where you can help & hang out in the kitchen, learn the recipes and join the ladies for family meal. These can now be booked via AirBnB Experiences.
Proceeds from the sale of meals goes directly to the newcomer cooks. However this does not cover the costs of the enormous amount of behind-the-scenes coordination required to keep this project going. You can support the Newcomer Kitchen project directly and our vision of expanding this model to support more women in more neighbourhoods!
Help us take this idea into any restaurant kitchen, in any city in the world!
Learn more about the Newcomer Kitchen project.

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