Latest Past Events

Thursday June 20th: Welcome Summer with a Pick Up Dinner from Tasty Traditions

Summer has arrived and not a moment too soon. How we long to bask under the warm sun and savour the all too short season. This semester the group called Tasty Traditions include newcomer women cooks from several countries: Afghanistan, Egypt, Morocco and Eritrea. The warm and sunny flavours meld beautifully together to make this […]

Thursday March 7th: International Women’s Week: Spring Pick-up Dinner

This coming week is International Women's Week (Day on Friday). This year's theme is Inspire Inclusion. It's about making a space at the table for all women to aspire to be their best selves and have the power to envision and carry out their dreams. It about women becoming independent and building their futures. For […]


Leap Year Dinner: The Lost and Found (it’s not just for mittens)

February 29th comes every four years. It's purpose is to make sure our calendar keeps ticking along despite the slight variations in the Earth's orbit around the sun. It's a way to make things right, to create balance, and make up for something that has been lost. We add a little day every four years. […]